Now leasing for the 2018-2019 School year!!


What Current Te  nants Should Know!

  • National Grid Phone Number
    • (800) 642-4272
  • Garbage 
    • The Garbage Trucks come every Wednesday!
  • Packages
    • Packages may be sent to our office if you won't be home in time to pick them up! If you would like to know where to send them to, please contact us personally to find out! Or look out for the information in your emails!
  • Bus Route Locations
    • The closest bus route is at the beginning of the street, on the corner of East Colvin and Robert Drive. The second nearest is at Manley Field House! 

Our Monthly Newsletters!

Every month, we send out a monthly newsletter to inform students of what's going on Robert Drive, as well as the area! These newsletters are worth reading, as they have vital information in regards to renewal deadlines, and how to partake in the specials that we're offering!

Check it out below!