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Choosing where to live can be intimidating. These FAQs make the process easier. If you have a question that's not answered here, you can contact us.

The townhouses are only a block away from South Campus. With our close proximity to Manley Field House specifically, the time it takes to walk is about five minutes!

The closest bus stop is located at the front of our complex, right on the corner of Robert Drive and East Colvin Street! If you happen to miss catching the bus there, the next closest is a few walking minutes away at South Campus, where buses depart around every 10 minutes. In fact, most of University Townhouses' residents catch the buses there, thanks to our extremely close location to the campus!

The pre-payment program is a 5% discount off a tenant's rent, for paying either a full semester or year up front! 

If you're curious about what we offer or don't offer in regards to 'short-term leases,' it's best to contact us directly to ask!

The townhouses come with water and FREE WiFi! Additional costs tenants will have to pay, include their utility bill to National Grid and cable (if they desire to have it). If you're curious about what else is included in the cost of your rent, check out our list of all-inclusive amenities!

Our townhouses are fully furnished with: couch, love seat, coffee tables, dining table set, full-size beds, and a chest of drawers.

Yes! A security deposit is required after you've signed a lease, and the cost is equivalent to one month's rent. We work on a first come first serve basis, and we will rent the unit to the first person to provide us with a security deposit.